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What is it?

Drag is an easy-to-understand but challenging-to-master puzzlegame for iOS and Android devices, that is sure to surprise you with how simple and complex it is!
Your objective: Select the marked area!
The game features no more than those three commands:


Every level has a unique sequence of commands, you are required to use in the given order.
Sounds easy enough now, doesn't it? We thought the same until we allowed the game to DRAG us into its spell, and so should you!

How do I play?

On your computer, you click and hold your mouse while you drag a rectangle across the screen.
That is exactly what you do with your finger on your device in the countless levels of DRAG.

Every level will show you a highlighted area in various shapes and it is your job to select it through the commands displayed on the left side of the screen.

Where can I get DRAG?

These buttons below will DRAG you to the stores they resemble!

Get it on Google Play

You can also scan a QR-Code to DRAG you to the store pages!

Get it on the AppStore
Get it on Google Play

Once installed, launch the app and DRAG some squares!

Will I have to pay?

DRAG comes with a whopping
124 free Levels
however we offer additional content for as cheap as
0.99$ per additional 50 Levels
We mostly fund this game through ads, which you can turn off as soon as you invest in any single in-app purchase! We're sure that's not asked too much now, is it? You can also buy hints or simply watch a short video-ad to get a free one.

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